Brain Pop

Recently, scientist discovered and brought back to life a giant virus that was buried in Siberian ice for 30,000 years.

What is the name of this virus? Please cite the source (paste the link of the website) along with your answers in the comments section.

Clue: You will find this news in the Science & Technology section of all the major news websites like BBC.



Unit 7: Review Exercises

Download the  review document and complete the exercises on page 84.

Unit 7 Review exercises

Task 1: 

A: Listening comprehension

Listen to the conversations. Then circle a word or phrase to complete each statement.

(Check the review document)

Task 2: 

B: Complete the paragraph with the correct prepositions.

(review doc)

Task 3 (listening on page 84)

C:  Complete each personal statement with a gerund or infinitive phrase.

Task 4:  (Listening on page 84)


 D: Complete each statement. Circle the best answer.

Complete the document and send it to the teacher at :

[email protected]

Subject line:  U7 CW2



Unit 7 Writing: Describing a Person

B Guid ance for Writing (page 84)

On a separate sheet of paper, write sentences to answer some or all the following questions about a person you know well. If appropriate, use verbs and phrases from the lists below. • Who is the person?

• What is the person’s relation to you?

• Who are the people in the person’s family?

• How many siblings does the person have?

• What kind of personality does the person have?

• What are the person’s likes and dislikes?

• Are there some things the person is excited about, bored with, angry about, or worried about right now?

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 6.40.23 AM

(Saslow 145)

Saslow, Joan, Allen Ascher. Top Notch 2, 2nd Edition. Pearson Higher Education (UK), 08/2013. VitalBook file.

These links may give you some additional ideas to describe a person.

link 1

link 2


Brain Pop

Three crows were sitting on a fence when a farmer spots them. He shoots one how many were left ?

Crocodile River

Do you like this game called Minecraft? Which mode is your favourite, survival or creative?

Group Task

Use Minecraft to visualise and re-create different settings in the novel Crocodile River.

You need to include the following in the visual;

  • Setting
  • Characters
  • Plot

You may use other apps/games to do this task.

Where do you think your personality came from?

Where do you think your personality came from, nurture or nature?

Did your personality traits come from your parents’ genes or did you learn to be the way you are?

Explain with examples using gerunds and infinitives.

Be sure to recycle this language.

  • be crazy about ____.
  • not care for ____.
  • get angry / excited / happy / sad about ____.
  • be sick and tired of ____.
  • be bored with ____.
  • be afraid of ____.
  • (never) complain about ____.
  • (sometimes) worry about ____.
  • believe in ____.
  • (usually) apologize for ____.
  • object to ____.
  • prefer ____.
  • avoid ____.

(Saslow 81-82)

Saslow, Joan, Allen Ascher. Top Notch 2, 2nd Edition. Pearson Higher Education (UK), 08/2013. VitalBook file.